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Would you like help to plan your company’s digital future? Arrange a free consulation today. We can refresh or relaunch your website, set up social media and run campaigns, set up Google Ads,  run campaigns, build email lists and run EDM’s and much more. It all starts with a chat where we get to know more about your company and work out which digital solutions will benefit you and your future.

An Introduction to our services

Web Design​

An overhaul or a redesign, we are skilled with most of the major platforms.


Grow you website by adding great optimised content to help your search results.


Paid advertising is the quick turn on / turn off method to get results from your website.

Social Media​​

Grow your social presence with Facebook, Insta, Linkedin and Twitter. We can help with effective strategies that encourage customers to keep in touch through your social chanels.

Native or PWA Apps

We are experienced providing website solutions that also power your app. Why run two platforms when the least cost approach is to use one.


So many options exist, you may be wondering what is best for you. Woocommerce, Magento or Shopify, we can help guide you make an informed choice and with the set up and training so you are in control.

Graphic Design​​

Your website and socials wont shine unless they have great graphics.

Content Marketing​

Keep your customers informed by emailing and posting on your blog and social media.

Competitor Analysis

What are your competitors doing online? With a suite of software and tools we can analyse how they use digital to help guide your next step.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

You are not alone, the first step is regain control of your website. “My Website Company” will help get access and make sure you have all the passwords you need, including the ones used by us. You are the owner and should have complete control, thats our promise.

“My Website Company” believes in transparency. Google Analytics will be set up for you to view how many visitors your website gets. If we spend money on advertising to get more visitors then we will show you where to look to judge our performance. 

Have a chat with us is the first step. When we find out what you would like the end result to be (more sales, more phone calls, more visits…), we can put together a way to acheive this and work out if it worth it for you financially. 

We can help and are familiar with most of the common set ups including Office 365. We like it when things work the way they should and want to help you have minimal downtime.

In 2020 we have over 1.7 Billion websites on the internet. To be found amongst it all needs a bit of work. We can help, Google MyBusiness is worth setting up, we can help with your profile. Also search engine optimisation (SEO) can help make your website easy for search engines to index, understand and hopefully recommend to visitors. Various forms of online advertising can be used as well, its a big subject and worth talking to us about.

There’s immense value in blogging given that, for years now, SEO practice has revolved around the saying, “Content is King.” This means that what really gives a site authority, and what attracts viewership and generates leads, is frequently publishing content that viewers want to read. Blogs still serve as one of the most effective ways to communicate valuable content to viewers, but only if they’re interesting, informative, and engaging.

Knowing your audience is critical when it comes to finding success with social media engagement because the interests and needs of your audience will determine the type of content you should be sharing and the way you engage your followers.

Email lists can be augmented with opt-in features on the homepage of your site that prompt users to voluntarily provide email addresses in exchange for newsletters and promotions. Twitter and Facebook can also be designed to feature opt-in sections, and requiring a name and email address for access to highly-informative industry content like whitepapers is also effective.

One of the first steps to starting a social media campaign is writing engaging posts on a frequent basis. These posts should be highly relevant to your viewers, but should also be fun and contain meaningful links. In addition to regularly posting on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, FourSquare and Tumblr, you’ll also want to kick off your social media campaign with ads. Facebook ads and promoted tweets for desktop and mobile users provide nearly 10x the click-through rate that traditional web ads do.

So many options exist, you may be wondering what is best for you. Woocommerce, Magento or Shopify, we can help guide you make an informed choice and with the set up and training so you are in control.

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