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Some of the work that we are really proud of.
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The owner of Peek Visual wanted a website that could be easily updated with photos of completed work. The solution was to use an insta plugin with WordPress – now a photo is uploaded to insta on the owners phone and it’s automatically added to the website. A great solution that everyone loves! Drone footage of a sign install welcomes you to the home page and shows how effective video can be on your website. Have a look by clicking the link above.

Peek Visual
B-Protected Website

Using a request for quote “shopping cart” this custom design generates significant B2B leads for the business to follow up on. B2B business often need a custom solution since a lot of the off the shelf solutions are designed for retail shops. 

The look and feel of this website was of prime importance. We identified in early discussions that to appeal to the Betty Chetcuti avatar/persona the website would need a calm and welcoming feel. The comfortable psychiatrist’s couch and call to action on the home page helped meet the above brief.

Betty Chetcuti
Infiniti Group Australia

A very complex website that handles a lot of data and a lot of variables. Infiniti Group Australia needed an online ordering portal and app, but had 4 locations with 4 warehouses and different product offerings in each state. In addition a raft of customer contract pricing added an additional dimension. The behind the scenes logic required meant that the multi site feature Magento has was ideal to run a website per warehouse and sandwhich all the sites together. Each customer can then be assigned to a site, product range and customer group pricing.