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The Techie Stuff - How We Can Help

Domain Registration / Issues

We are quite used to resolving most of the early problems involved in setting up a new website including  sorting out access to domains, dns settings and renewing / moving hosting. 

CPanel Set Up

Installing WordPress, Magento or your CMS of choice and ensuring administrator logins are set up using 2FA. Firewall and Cache settings and email set up can also be handled by us.

SSL Certificates

Moving to https or just renewing your SSL, we know what to expect and can help. Our SEO services are also useful to ensure redirects from http to https are in place to ensure minimal loss of traffic.

API / Integromat

When you need your business software programs to talk to each other, chat to us. It maybe that you want your website orders to go straight into your ERP or something more complex. Let us help.

Worpress Setup

With many flexible uses WordPress is the goto platform for over 30% of the internet. We can install and setup your WordPress theme, security, plugins, forms and cache, then work creatively on the front end. We are happy to provide solutions where up skill you to edit and maintain your website.

Woocommerce Shop Setup

Installation, set up and product configuration. Products may have different sizes, different colours or even be custom made, we know the Woocommerce solution to apply.

Magento Shop / B2B ordering Setup

Magento can work with special prices, so if you have wholesale / contract pricing for your customers, then a Magento solution is a likely option.  We are happy working with complexities and often find a solution where others have failed!

Payment Gateways

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, AfterPay. Some are simple, some have many hoops to jump through! We can help explain the requirements to find the solution that is best for your customers.

Google PPC Setup And Keyword Research

Installing Google Tag Manager and campaign set up can be tricky. We can help. Working with you in a transparent manner, we will keep you in the loop at ever step.

Email / Office 365 Cloud Migration and Setup

Often with a new domain or change of host comes the added complication of managing email accounts. We have experience rolling out the full Office 365 suite of products including backend management and migration for outlook and installation of Microsoft Teams.

Facebook Setup / Website Integration & Growth.

How to manage your business page, promoting posts to build your following, facebook creator studio and your facebook business account set up and optimisation. We also can integrate feeds into your website to attract likes and keep customers upto date.

Instagram Setup / Website Integration & Growth

The Insta website integration plugin can be a very effective way to share your latest images with your website visitors and provide interesting content your customers will want to follow.

An Introduction to our services​

Web Design​

An overhaul or a redesign, we are skilled with most of the major platforms.

Content Marketing​

Keep your customers informed by emailing and posting on your blog and social media.


Grow you website by adding great optimised content to help your search results.


Paid advertising is the quick turn on / turn off method to get results from your website.

Social Media​​

Grow your social presence with Facebook, Insta, Linkedin and Twitter. We can help with effective strategies that encourage customers to keep in touch through your social chanels.

Native or PWA Apps

We are experienced providing website solutions that also power your app. Why run two platforms when the least cost approach is to use one.


So many options exist, you may be wondering what is best for you. Woocommerce, Magento or Shopify, we can help guide you make an informed choice and with the set up and training so you are in control.

Graphic Design​​

Your website and socials wont shine unless they have great graphics.

Competitor Analysis

What are your competitors doing online? With a suite of software and tools we can analyse how they use digital to help guide your next step.

What does the future hold?

We keep upto date and constantly familiarise ourselves with the latest techniques to help make your business ready for its digital future.